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Head and Neck Surgery

This kind of surgery relates to organs and afflictions in the neck and creating exposure for other specialties (e.g. orthopedics for fixating cervical fractures).


Most commonly performed elective surgery in the neck and head area is:


-Thyroid surgery for benign (goiter) or malignant (thyroid cancer) surgery

-Parathyroid surgery



Other elective surgery includes elective surgery of the carotid arteries, emergency trauma surgery and exposure surgery of the cervical bones for fixation.


Classification Surgery: Minor-Medium

Anesthesia: General (Full intubation and sedation)


Expected hospital stay: daycare or short stay (2 days) hospitalisation


Complications and preventive measures

All surgery under general or regional anesthesia carries systemic risks  such as deep venous thrombosis, lungembolus, cardiovascular complications: These risks are minimised through preoperative screening procedures and prophylactic(preventing) measures (anticoagulation agents, antibiotics on indication)


Specific complications due to this surgery:

-Temporary/permanent damage recurrent laryngeal nerve with hoarseness (low chance, less than 5%)

-Postoperative bleeding (low chance, less than 10%)

-Wound infection (low chance, less than 5%)







Position and antomy of the thyroid gland

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