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Metabolic and Weight loss Surgery


Obesity (overweight) and a seditary lifestyle are some of the major problems for medicine in modern times.

Obesity surgery is a stable solution in morbid obesity, it is guided by a multidisciplinary team.

The multidisciplinary team a consists of:


-An endocrinologist

-A psychologist

-A dietician

-A health instructor

-A surgical team


Patients are guided through the program with the ultimate goal of reaching a healthy lifestyle and an ideal weight. A designated group of the patients under program guidance who need surgery to accomplish this goal are offered one of three procedures, the procedure offered is tailor-fit to their specific obesity dynamics:


The gastric sleeve: this is a purely restrictive and hormonal procedure, with narrowing of the stomach and taking away the portion that secretes Ghreline (the hunger hormone)


The gastric bypass: this is a combination of a restrictive procedure (reducing the stomach to a small pouch) and malabsorbtion (reconstructing small bowel so as to bypass a portion of it)


The mini gastric bypass: a less extensive adaptation of the gastric bypass


Classification Surgery: Major

Anesthesia: General (Full intubation and sedation)


Minimal invasive laparoscopic procedure: Yes


Expected hospital stay: Short stay (2 days) hospitalisation or longer


Complications and preventive measures

All surgery under general or regional anesthesia carries systemic risks  such as deep venous thrombosis, lungembolus, cardiovascular complications: These risks are minimised through preoperative screening procedures and prophylactic(preventing) measures (anticoagulation agents, antibiotics on indication)


Specific complications due to this surgery:

-Deep Vein Thrombosis or Lung emboli due to morbid obesity(low chance, less than 10%)

-Cardiovascular complications due to morbid obesity(low chance, less than 10%)

-Anastomotic op stapler leak (low chance, less than 10%)

-Wound infection (low chance, less than 10%)



The gastric sleeve resection

The gastric bypass

These are patient anonimised video's of actual operations performed by an AAH staff surgeon. They are used for illustration and educational purposes with patient consent.

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